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2023-01-20 11:04:36
Naruto :

Ich werde albträume haben

2022-12-30 17:59:48
kushina uzumaki:

i swear i didn't do that, especially with a pig

2022-11-25 08:47:02
O ooh Ok:

OK are we just ignoring that the man literally grabbed her and forced her to ’do it’ with him and she did not say any thing?!(x . x)

2022-11-09 19:37:53
Minsto Namikaze:

Son, i'mma going to kill a pig, wait for 2 se- oh wait! It's done! Congo!

2022-10-24 16:06:59
Minato Namikaze:

Well Well so you've chosen death

2022-10-09 05:04:42

what the fuck did i just watch

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[Merkonig] B-Trayal 36 (Naruto) [English]

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